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About Imago

Imago Relationship Theory (IRT) belongs to humanist interpersonal therapy approaches, with a special emphasis on a specific Intentional Dialogue which constitutes the basic moving force in the Imago healing process.

The basis of the Imago theoretical concept takes us to childhood and back. We are formed in a close emotional relationship in childhood when, while growing up, alongside with affirmations and encouragements we sustain a number of hurts. These hurts and affirmations which we received, as well as the examples of relationships we observed during the early years, shape in our mind a sensory impress, “Imago”, about what a secure or insecure intimate relationship looks like. Our behaviour, the way we will treat people close to us, and what we expect from them is determined by those first, early, deeply impressed models. These models also cause us to choose, in our adult life, a partner who in terms of energy that he/she projects reminds us of our parental figures. Realization that there is a connection between our early experiences and the fact that we  unconsciously act them out in our adult relationship can make us curious about these processes and motivate us to find out more about the ways for the improvement of relationships.

Harville Hendrix, the founder of Imago, developed a couple’s relationship therapy inspired by the Object relations theory, attachment research and Interpersonal neurobiology. He borrowed and adapted some therapy processes from Gestalt, BCT, as well as Transactional analysis.

In the world today there are two thousand Imago therapists on all continents.

Five Imago therapists and a counsellor are certified and work In Croatia. Two therapists are in training and are about to become fully certified.


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